Our Values – Unigloves

Our Values

Our core values are not only the essence and building blocks of the Unigloves brand, but are also lived and breathed by our team when running and managing our business:


Unigloves’ reputation is built upon the concept that knowledge of our business and our customers’ needs is everything.  We have made it our goal to thoroughly understand every aspect of our business and to understand the needs of our customers.  Our knowledge in this area is our strength for our distributor partners and our users.

Product Quality

Behind knowledge there must be a good product. The success of our business is based upon:

  1. the innovations we adopt into our gloves;
  2. our ability to demonstrate our innovations work; and
  3. our accredited quality control procedure.


We want everybody who deals with Unigloves to feel confident that we are a partner they can rely on, whether for on time deliveries, product performance or technical, sales and marketing support. Without successful partners we cannot be successful.

Sustainability and the Environment

We wish to provide our products and services in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible.