Distribution and support - Unigloves

Distribution and Support

We believe our job begins, not ends, when our product reaches our distributors.

If you’d like to stock our products, we’d love to have you on board. Please contact us, we’re easily reachable by phone or email, or via social media.

Sales Support

We believe passionately that our gloves are the best products for our distributors to sell, so we make sure that their sales teams are well equipped to spread the (g)love.

Marketing Support

Our gloves may be beautiful, but they’re only one component of the product the user receives. We’re investing in our brand to improve the experience for the end user, and to make the distributor’s sale easier. We are currently translating all of our glove boxes into 14 languages.

Logistics Support

No two business are alike, so we’re flexible in the way we work with our distribution partners. It’s our job to make your job as easy as possible.

Technical Support

Gloves might be a simple product, but the regulations applying to them are not always so straightforward. We worry about them so our distributors and users don’t have to.