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Brand: Advanced
Category: Single Use Gloves
  • Glove Type: Nitrile
  • Packaging: 10 x 100 gloves
  • Available Sizes: XS - XL
  • Standards: EN455 + EN374 + ASTM D6978-05
  • Primary Application: Pharmaceutical
  • Colour: Purple

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

7.1 3.6 1
  • Low-Allergen 8 / 10
  • Anti-Chemical 8 / 10
  • Comfort 7 / 10
  • Durability 7 / 10
  • Elasticity 6 / 10
  • Anti-Puncture 8 / 10
  • Softness 6 / 10
  • Tear Resistance 7 / 10

Stronghold is the ideal glove for high risk situations, providing barrier protection while handling chemotherapy drugs and chemicals

[sirv-gallery id=27]Stronghold gloves have been designed specifically to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical, laboratory and medical industries. Manufactured to the highest possible standards for pinholes, and independently certified for chemical and chemotherapy resistance, these robust purple-coloured nitrile gloves provide the ultimate in splash protection.

Manufactured using Unigloves’ proprietary Advanced Manufacturing Process, Stronghold gloves are easy to don, comfortable in use and carry a reduced risk of allergic reactions, and have been certified to both Medical and PPE standards.


Stronghold gloves have been tested for use against a wide range of chemicals according to international standard EN374. A list of test results recording breakthrough times of the relevant chemicals is available here. If a chemical is not listed, please contact us for advice on suitability before using Stronghold gloves.

Chemotherapy drugs

Stronghold has been tested for use against even the strongest chemotherapy pharmaceuticals according to international standard ASTM D6978-05 and approved for the manipulation of chemotherapy drugs. A list of test results recording breakthrough times of the relevant pharmaceuticals available here. If the relevant pharmaceutical is not listed, please contact us for advice on suitability before using Stronghold gloves.


Standard gloves are manufactured to an acceptable quality level of 1.5 pinholes in every 100 gloves produced. Stronghold gloves have been designed specifically to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical, laboratory and medical industries, and have been produced to a much more stringent level of 0.65 pinholes in every 100 gloves, the highest standard available for single use, splash resistant gloves.

Advanced manufacturing process

Unigloves’ proprietary Advanced Manufacturing Process ensures ease of donning, comfort in use and reduced risk of allergic reactions. Our Advanced range are washed for up to 3 times longer than regular examination gloves and chlorinated on both the inside and outside areas of the cuff to reduce tackiness and improve donning, making the Advanced series the preferred choice for professionals seeking the ideal combination of comfort, dexterity and durability. For more information on our Advanced Manufacturing Process, please click here.

Stronghold - Features

 Feature Benefit
Washed offlineOffline washing ensures ease of donning, increased comfort in use and reduced risk of allergic reactions
Tested to EN374Resistant to a range of chemicals
Tested to ASTM D6978-05Resistant to a range of cytotoxic drugs when tested to ASTM D6978-05
AQL 0.65Ultra-low hole level; exceeds medical standards for pinholes
Free from latexSuitable for those with latex allergies (Type I sensitisation)
Free from powderReduces risks of latex allergies (Type I sensitisation) and minimises particulate contamination
Free from phthalatesSuitable for contact with food
Tested to EN1186Suitable for contact with all food types
AmbidextrousAmbidextrous fit means you don’t have to split a pair to replace a damaged glove
Manufactured using high-quality nitrileHigh-quality nitrile combines comfort with puncture and chemical resistance
Nitrile formulation conforms to the hand during useNitrile formulation conforms to the hand during use for a more confortable fit
Beaded cuffBeaded cuff provides extra strength during donning and helps prevent liquid roll back
Manufactured with textured palms and fingertipsTextured palms and fingertips provide improved grip, particularly when working in wet or oily conditions
Heavy-weight constructionHeavy-weight construction is tough, durable and long lasting



Stronghold - Standards

SymbolStandard / Test MethodRequirement
Freedom from holes
Physical properties
Biological evaluation
Shelf life determination
EN374-2Determination of resistance to
EN374-3Determination of resistance to
EN1186Food safe


Stronghold - Specification


  • Primary Industries
    Chemical manufacture and use
    Dental hygiene
    Food processing
    Laboratory work
    Manufacturing and assembly
    Pharmaceutical work

Allergy Prevention

  • Latex-Free
  • Accelerator-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Powder-Free

Product Details

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Design
  • Surface Texture
    Fingertip Textured
  • Cuff Type
  • Cuff Length
    Standard (240 mm)
  • Freedom from Holes
    0.65 AQL
  • Cuff Thickness
    0.09 mm (3.5 mil)
  • Mid-Palm Thickness
    0.12 mm (5 mil)
  • Finger Tip Thickness
    0.15 mm (6 mil)
  • Average Weight
    6.5 g (medium size)
  • Tested for use with Chemotherapy Drugs
  • Silicone Free
  • Sterile
  • Anti-static

Stronghold - Order Codes & Downloads

CodeSizeGloves per BoxBoxes per CartonGloves per Carton
GM0061Extra Small / 6100101000
GM0062Small / 7100101000
GM0063Medium / 8100101000
GM0064Large / 9100101000
GM0065Extra Large / 10100101000



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