Sectors – Unigloves
  • As a tattoo artist seeking to provide your client and yourself with extra protection, Select Black by Unigloves is the solution.
  • When you are faced with the challenge of cross contamination, Unigloves Pearl and Fortified are the solutions.
  • When you need to handle cytotoxics or perform a medical examination, Unigloves is the solution.
  • When you need a durable grip in a wet or oily environment, Unigloves PRO.TECT is the solution.

Unigloves Sector Solutions

Unigloves R&D team in Malaysia is focused on customer needs and research has shown us that the three key glove qualities required are: Comfort, Performance and Grip.  To ensure that demands are met across all industries, Unigloves manufactures and supplies over 50 types of single use gloves.

Select the glove you need from the industry sectors listed below that we are currently focused on:



Food Industry


Tattoo and Piercing