Glove Ranges – Unigloves
  • Automotive Manufacturing and Aftermarket
    Unbreakable, yet unparalleld grip and dexterity
  • Food manufacturing
    Gloves that actively work to reduce the risks of bacterial outbreaks

Our Advanced gloves have been independently tested for use with chemicals, chemotherapy drugs and in other higher-risk applications.

Our Pearl gloves are available in 12 colours to promote the use of colour-coding to reduce risks of cross-infection and cross-contamination.

Our Select Black range of products are single-use products designed specifically for, and with help from, leading tattoo artists.

Our Fortified gloves are manufactured with an anti-microbial additive independently proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surface of the gloves.

Our PRO.TECT gloves are built tough and are used in heavy-duty industrial environments where only the best will do.

Our Unicare gloves are our core range of single-use gloves, used in hospitals, dental practices, veterinary surgeries and care homes across Europe.

Our Vitality gloves are coated with a natural moisturiser to negate the common side-effects of glove use: dry skin and eczema.