Support for our Distributors

We believe that getting our products into your warehouse is the start of our partnership, not the end.

We build our relationship through:

  • our professional, North and South regional sales teams
  • our dedicated, UK based customer service team
  • our technical glove expertise
  • our suite of support materials, e.g. high resolution images and product copy


End Users


Unigloves only sells to Distributors and as the name suggests, end users are the ultimate user of our product range so it’s important that we keep channels of communication open to them, so we can:

  • gather feedback on our product range
  • get insights into how our products are used
  • test new product ideas and enhancements
  • audit work stations on site to be able to specify the best glove for the job

Sales Support

Dedicated Support. Dedicated, experienced sales support and internal buddy, to ensure your account is proactively managed, including joint visits to end users to enhance sales and margin.

Enterprise-Grade IT. Enterprise-grade IT system with customer centric features, to ensure you have accurate and reliable information on your business with us.

24/7 Access. Our full-function online account management platform is available 24/7 so you have always have instant access to your account and order history.

Factory Direct. Commercially competitive and consistent pricing; we pass on the benefits of our efficient supply chain to you.

Marketing Support

Supported Brand. Significant recent investment in brand and product collateral; expert help, tools and materials to promote our products and maximise your returns.

Product Samples. Prepacked sample sleeves; we bear the cost of sample requests and product trials so you don’t have to.

Experienced Team. Experienced, industry savvy, marketing and design team, dedicated to providing you with professional support for joint online and offline marketing campaigns.

Digital. Digital marketing platform for web and social media marketing to provide greater reach to end-users and to provide a steady stream of inbound enquiries.