Glove Audit

What does it mean?


Please get in touch and one of our glove experts will be happy to evaluate how the Unigloves Glove Audit can benefit your business.

The Unigloves Glove Audit is our personal service to help companies choose the best glove solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.

What about social distancing?


The Unigloves team will follow government guidelines on social distancing and will contact you in advance to check if you have any additional on-site policies.


How does it happen?


Our glove expert will visit your site and conduct an audit on work areas that require hand protection. The data gathered will include the frequency of use, conditions of use, materials in contact, user feedback, typical working temperatures etc. The captured data is then entered into the Unigloves Glove Audit System which recommends the optimal glove solution for the assessed work areas.

Safety and compliance


This data-driven approach leads to improved working practices and thus greater worker protection and safety to ensure your compliance with safety regulations.

Your benefits

  • An increase in safety awareness and workers’ motivation
  • Professional risk management advice
  • Regulatory compliance