Black Dragon Facemask - Black, Earloop - Cases of 10 Boxes, 50 Masks per Box

3 ply, black, medical Type I facemask


SKU: FT001


Choosing the Right Mask for the Protection Required
This advice is written to assist in the selection of facemasks to ensure that the higher levels of PPE are issued only where necessary. This will avoid critical supplies being diverted and will enable them to be issued where they are most needed.

Determine the protection required
If full respiratory protection is not required, and the objective is to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, the most appropriate product would be a face mask. A respirator would be a more suitable alternative where full respiratory protection is needed to protect a worker.

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit

3 ply, Type I facemask

Three layered pleated design, Type I facemasks have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 95%.

Soft ear loops

Ear loops go around your ears, keeping the mask securely on your face

Tested to EN 14683:2005

Meets the construction, design, operating requirements and test methods specified under EN 14683

Integrated nose band

Nose band provides a more comfortable, secure fit

Soft finish, non-woven fabric

Made from comforting-to-skin fabric to cover the mouth and nose