Pearl Colour System


One glove, fifteen colours

Strong, comfortable gloves for medical or industrial use

Gloves don’t have to be blue or white. With a selection of fifteen colours, Unigloves Pearl is a selection of coloured nitrile gloves so you can colour-code in any environment.

Colour coding to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Pearl has been designed with functionality in mind, by offering a series of colours suitable for colour-coding in the work environment to help avoid cross-contamination.


Textured finish for superior grip

The Pearl range are premium quality, chemically tested, medical grade, powder-free nitrile gloves that offer enhanced barrier protection with a beaded cuff and textured finish for superior grip. A grip that works for glove users improves their performance and increases workforce motivation in terms of correct glove usage, improving their safety and your compliance.

An ideal choice for the Food Industry

All fifteen Pearl nitrile gloves are suitable for use with all food types, including fatty foods, and therefore make the ideal choice for use in the food industry where the use of colour coding is proven to combat the risks associated with cross contamination.