Unigloves Fortified BioCote®Antimicrobial Gloves


Europe's first nitrile examination glove with antimicrobial protection


 Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria

Designed to mitigate risks of cross-contamination
Incorporating silver ion technology from BioCote

Unigloves Fortified gloves contain BioCote with proven antimicrobial protection.

What is BioCote?

BioCote is silver ion technology. It has been used in the manufacture of Unigloves Fortified gloves to provide antimicrobial properties. Ionic silver particles are impregnated throughout the rubber nitrile during glove production.

Why silver?


Silver has been used for centuries for its abilities to aid preservation, for example, the ancient Greeks used silver vessels to keep their water fresh. Silver is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its effectiveness against a range of microorganisms.


How does silver work in gloves?


Silver ions are present at the surface of the glove and are available to act against contaminating microbes. The silver ions bind with and irreparably damage their cells; disrupt normal functions essential to survival; stopping them from reproducing and rendering them harmless.


Destroys 99.9% of bacteria


Scientifically proven results have shown that BioCote treated materials destroy 99.9% of bacteria they come into contact with.

Fortified nitrile gloves are:


Fortified gloves are protected from colonisation by microbes, enhance hygiene and are a more hygienic alternative to standard nitrile examination gloves.


Fortified gloves maintain their antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the glove.


Fortified gloves have been shown to be effective against all types of bacteria. BioCote silver ion technology has been proven to materially reduce microbes by up to 99.5%.


BioCote silver antimicrobial technology is considered food-safe and a suitable addition to food contact articles.